Why Choose Malaysia for your Studies?

Why Choose Malaysia?

It’s easy for us living, working or studying here in Malaysia to see why it’s such a comfortable place to stay. However, for those in their home countries who have recently finished high school/bachelor’s degree and are looking to continue their education abroad, they might be skeptical about committing to Malaysia. Here are a few reasons why Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the ideal place to be a student.

Panoramic View of Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur during Blue Hour.


Kuala Lumpur is a developed, modern, cosmopolitan city. There are food choices (halal and non-halal) from around the world and shopping is the number one free-time activity, so there are fashionable shopping centres in abundance. There are some of the world’s best islands, rainforests and highlands to explore in your free time.

The cost of living in Malaysia is so low when compared to other countries like Australia or the U.K. Education and livings cost are at around a third of the price in comparison to first-world countries.

The standard of education in Malaysia is very high as foreign university campuses are already set up here. The education system is closely monitored by the local ministry as Malaysia sees itself becoming a centre of excellence for higher education. Some foreign campuses include Monash (Australia), Newcastle University (U.K), Swinburne (Australia), University of Nottingham (U.K) to name a few.

The immigration process is very straightforward for students when compared to other countries. To see the immigration procedure for yourself, click here.

Malaysia is a safe country with a year-round summer. Earlier this year Malaysia was ranked as the fifth safest country in Asia Pacific region, coming after New Zealand, Japan, Australia and Singapore. Overall, 29th safest country to live in the world.

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic nation, so English is widely used. Whilst being a Muslim country, there are many other religions practised and there is harmony between the different races and beliefs of Malaysians and foreigners.

If you would like to know more about travelling to Malaysia to study, or how to get through your IELTS exam to help you get abroad, then feel free to contact us at Kings.

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