Student Life at Kings

Take a step inside Kings to find yourself surrounded by knowledge, warmth, and diversity. A
community of like-minded people, striving for excellence, taking every challenge head-on. A
family of teachers and students, cheering each other to succeed in all aspects of education.

What defines us?
A united group filled with curiosity and creativity, a commitment to students and a remarkable
sense of responsibility. These are some of the values that make Kings worthwhile.

Innovation and change
Here, you’ll find a love for language that is contagious. Students desire knowledge and
teachers’ enthusiasm to teach and unimaginable. A spirit of innovation fills the air.

Student-centered environment
At King’s, learning is a continuous improvement process. Students of all ages are encouraged
to challenge their knowledge. Small student-centered classes promote curiosity and
collaboration. Students feel a sense of belonging. They take ownership of their progress and are motivated to
excel in all aspects of language-not solely to pass in their exams.

Values of knowledge
Our commitment to focus on all focus on all learning styles combines many best practices-
semantic mapping and planning, experiential learning strategies and task-based language
teaching. To find out more, explore our website now!

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