Kings Teacher Training Program

Are you planning a career in education? Looking for a rewarding career path? Kings teacher
training program has taken the hassle out of training and job searching and made it easier for you.
Just apply for our free TTP and if selected, you’ve secured a job with us at Kings!

Our extensive 6-month-long program will shape you into a complete teacher with the Kings approach. It
comprises of grammar, reading, listening, writing, speaking, lesson planning, grading, and
progress tracking all implemented through Micro Teaching. Micro Teaching is the reflective
process of advancing your skills through observation from peers, teachers, and directors.

Through the feedback and constructive criticism you get from Micro Teaching, TTP aims to not
only build your confidence in the classroom but also your knowledge of teaching methods and
the English language.

Kings TTP differs from all other types of teaching programs as it is on-going. With immediate in-
class practice, monthly workshops, and observations to effectively improve the quality of our
college and services.

Completing the training program seamlessly transitions into teaching full time. Here you get to
enjoy the fruit of your hard work and it sure is the sweetest! The skills gained will help you
succeed as an ideal English language teacher wherever you go in the future and again, the option to continue working at Kings is there. / WhatsApp



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