Shifting Classes Online

What a challenging few weeks it’s been but it’s incredible to be here now!


On the 15th of March, it seemed inevitable that the coronavirus was going to force us out of the classroom, so we collectively decided to jump online sooner rather than later. Without a doubt, it wasn’t easy for our international students to be far away from their loved ones and the not so tech-savvy teachers adapting to the online world.

However, for the following 6 weeks, the students and the teachers endured and did their best using Google classrooms and hangouts to get through their lessons. In the meantime, the backend team and I had been building a more user-friendly LMS to make classes more superior and interactive. Today was the first day of using the new system and the feedback from the students and teachers alike has been nothing but positive. Even though nothing can ever replace the genuine learning environment of an in-person class setting, receiving good vibes from our students today at least gives us that motivation that we are heading in the right direction seeking that ‘new normal’ education (for the remainder of 2020 at least).

The current reality is that COVID-19 is at the forefront of our collective headspace and having these family-like connections that we have at Kings keeps us united and can at times distract us from thinking about the pandemic. The teachers, in particular, have taken a more dominant role in the relationships they have with their students contacting them around the clock and being that ear/voice that they really need during these flat/room locked-down days. Our Director of Studies, Deena, has been spending over 7 contact hours a day in class and counseling students which is incredibly draining but her ownership for the students’ well-being surpasses any of our expectations.

No one knows how long this virus is going to be around, or if it will ever go away. All we know is that being adaptable to change and remaining positive throughout is the key to getting through this and that is exactly what I have witnessed with the entire Kings College and feel so blessed to be a part of this team.

Currently, we are updating our online platform even further and from June we will be live with easier access to more concise live classes from the college. Stay tuned for updates.

For now, we have a few seats available for our English programs still, so if you are an international student here in Malaysia and could benefit from these lessons, get in touch with me directly and I’ll be happy to slot you in.




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